On The Lamb

On The Lamb


Some 17.00 Some more 22.00

Some of our customers aren’t ready for these. Some enjoy a chewy piece of lamb without marination. That’s not what we do. Our lamb chops, which come from the loin, not the rack, are each hand tenderized and then marinated with rosemary. We use a crn oil to further beak down the fats. The flavors POP! We serve with our mushroom, pepper cream sauce and for the traditionalists, some mint jelly.


  • RARE – Center Will Be Cool, Red
  • MEDIUM RARE – Center Slightly Red, Mostly Pink
  • MEDIUM – Pink
  • MEDIUM WELL – Slightly Pink Center
  • WELL DONE – Cooked Through But Juicy
  • VERY WELL DONE – Less Juicy
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