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Botak's Beef Burger

Burgers! Burgers! Burgers!

If you have a BURGER JONES, then you’re looking in the right place cause at Original Botak Jones, we put a lot of care into our big, juicy BURGERS!

If you’re a Burger Girl or a Burger Guy, nothing but a burger can cure that BURGER JONES. At Original Botak Jones we know that feeling well and that’s why we put so much effort into offering the best built burger we can for the price. Of course, our burgers are 100% beef, but of a very particular cut, and we give you the choice of our specialty burgers or you can customize your own! Whether you want your burger naked to enjoy that full beef flavor or fully dressed to savor the intermingling of flavors and textures, Original Botak Jones has got you covered.


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  • Double Botak

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Toppings You May Want To Add

  • Tukey Bacon (2 Slices) $2.50
  • Sauteed Shitake Mushroom $2.00
  • Whoopass© Chilli $3.00
  • Sliced Jalapeno (Spicy) $1.50
  • Egg $1.00



We offer add-ons to our burgers so you can customize them the way you want. People are shy about things somethings, I guess this is one of them. So we put these SPECIALTY BURGERS together for you shy folks. These come as sets only.

Botak’s Sunrize Burger

This might be the perfect burger! Our Bacon Cheeseburger…


Bacon(Turkey) Cheeseburger

This is almost the perfect burger. The Sliced cheese…


Whoopass© Chili Cheeseburger

Okay, a chili cheeseburger is definitely an American…


Shitake Mushroom Cheeseburger

This one raises the eyebrows of some Angmohs as they are…





This one raises the eyebrows of some Angmohs as they are unfamiliar with this variety of mushroom. They are fairly large, have a definite bite and full, deep flavor. I love ‘em!


Okay, a chili cheeseburger is definitely an American invention. This is our regular cheeseburger with a healthy helping of our Whoopass© Chili generously ladled on top. I really am drooling while writing this menu.


This is almost the perfect burger. The Sliced cheese lovingly melted over two rashers of crisp turkey bacon.


This might be the perfect burger! Our Bacon Cheeseburger topped with a Sunny Side Egg. So satisfying…or so I’ve been told!


BURGERS! Is There Really Anything They Can’t Be?

What’s a burger about anyway?

Here we go!

1. The Burger Patty

You may think the burger patty is the most important aspect of a great burger and you very well may be right. We put a lot of effort into making a burger patty we can be proud to serve. Starting with the beef, we have pretty high standards. We use only beef from the rump section of the steer (not to be confused with a human rump like Kim Kardashian’s or Jennifer Lopez’s, although they may be about the same size). Why rump for the burger? Because the rump has very little gristle and vein. It also happens to be some of the most tender beef on the steer.

2. The Burger Bun

While the burger bun may take up a lot of the girth of the burger, it ranks below other aspects, to be discussed later. A good burger bun, in our estimation should be soft enough to accentuate the texture of the burger patty but hardy enough to not to turn to mush when it’s inundated with the juices of the burger patty. We like the burger juices; burger juices are good. Our burger bun is lightly buttered and then softly toasted on the char-grill. The difference in texture in the toasted outer crust of the burger patty and the soft interior of the burger bun adds to the delight of eating a burger and may just be the button that’s pushed in the minds of Burger People.

3. Burger Cheese Please

A burger with cheese has been so identified with America that even the famous singer laureate of America, Jimmy Buffet, wrote a song exuding the virtues of a Cheeseburger in Paradise! While in America, a Cheeseburger would traditionally have sliced American cheese on it, kinda makes sense after all its got America in its name. However, times change, tastes change or expand and now there are all sorts of cheeses being used on a burger outside of the American slices and sometime Swiss. It’s all a matter of personal likes, which is why Original Botak Jones gives you the reigns, as it were.

4. Whatcha Want on That?

This is how you make a burger become your burger, what do you have on it? Well, for decades us common folk were happy with a slice of cheese or two. Then veggies entered the fray with tomato, lettuce and onion being added at the family picnic or barbeque. Then someone dropped some onion on the grill and realized that sautéed onion has a different delightful flavor, and the floodgates were opened.

Bacon, fried eggs, jalapenos, sliced beetroot (G’day Mate), and who knows what else!! Now it’s a plethora of items and more happening every day. What’s your fave? And of course, the condiment and sauces available are many varied and wonderful things. Used to be (read this in my old man voice), ketchup and mustard were enough to complement our burger. But nooooo, that’s not good enough now. Mayonnaises, of all descriptions, different barbeque sauces, even salad dressings are considered. It’s open season for our burgers!


Indeed, The Burger Has Come A Long Way

Nowadays (old man voice), you can’t turn around without seeing a new burger place opening. Everybody thinks their version is the very best and it’s only right to offer this version to the world. What once was an affordable fairly quick remedy for an empty stomach or the “JONES” for a burger has become both a branding and marketing point. I guess we’re included in that mix.

How did this all happen to the beloved burger? The history isn’t as recent as one may think, so let’s consider the history of this current staple.

Way back then…

Believe it or not, the beginnings of our present-day burger had its roots with Mongol hoards who ravaged the countryside. With no rest-stops or fast-food joints, they would take a cut of beef and place it between their saddle and their horse. The constant pressure would tenderize the beef somewhat making it edible on the go. Ewe!

Somehow the method of tenderizing the beef made its way west to Germany, where it had its root beginnings in the town of Hamburg. Many people think the word means there is ham in the burger, not so.

Bringing this tale closer to present day, German immigrants brought their Hamburg style steak to America. Sometime later, an ingenious entrepreneur, America was stuffed with those entrepreneurs, came up with the idea of grinding the beef, grilling it, and serving it in a sandwich so people could walk around and eat.

Some say the first hamburger was served in Wisconsin way back in 1885. Wisconsin had many German settlements, which would seem to make sense. There are still a great number of people in Wisconsin with German heritage.  Supposedly, this idea was brought to the larger public at the 1904 World’s Fair and that was all it took. The burger was born! It was only a matter of time before the burger before the hamburger reached across America and then the world, being known as the BURGER.



A great way to add that zing to your burger is with a sauce that, well, zings! Here are what have been the staple in burger saucedom and maybe some you hadn’t considered before.


Ketchup is a type of sauce made from tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, and spices. It is used as a condiment or as an ingredient in other dishes. Ketchup can be store-bought or homemade. Now, even ketchup has evolved to many varieties, colors and brands.


Mustard, ah mustard, my personal fave! Classic yellow mustard is a condiment that can be used on many different types of sandwiches as well as burgers. It adds a tangy and savory element that kicks in on the sides of your tongue, which makes the sandwich more flavorful. Additionally, the vinegar in it helps to cut the fat from the burger, which is 20% fat and make it juicier. This helps the burger POP flavorwise when you take a bite.

Mustard is a particularly great condiment for hamburgers because of its unique flavor and ability to add moisture. When combined with other ingredients, such as pickles or onions, it creates a complex flavor profile that just makes a burger special. Mustard seed also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Honey Dijon

Dijon mustard is a mustard that originates from the city of Dijon, France. It is usually made with brown or yellow mustard seeds, vinegar, white wine, salt, and spices. Dijon mustard has a sharp flavor that pairs well with many different types of food. However, there are varieties of Dijon that are made without the wine.

Honey Dijon dressing is a popular type of salad dressing that contains Dijon mustard and honey. The honey in this dressing helps to balance out the sharpness of the mustard and make it more palatable.


Mayonnaise is a sauce made with egg yolk, oil, vinegar, or lemon juice. Mayonnaise was originally from France. Those French really know how to make things tasty, eh? Depending on what is added to the ingredients, it made be very thick or it may be very loose. Mayonnaise that is primarily used these days uses starch to replace the eggs, avoiding egg allergies and is also not as high in dietary cholesterol. But seriously, if you’re munching on a burger, is cholesterol on the top of your concerns?

Ranch Dressing

Ranch dressing is a classic American flavor that goes great with both chicken and beef. It’s perfect for those who don’t like spice in their food, as it has very little. This means that ranch dressing can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what their taste preference may be.


There may be as many different styles and types of BBQ sauce in America as there are people. Ha, ha, not really, but it may seem like it. Depending on the region, it may be made with tomatoes, tomato paste, vinegar, honey, sugar, hot chilis, mild chilis, or just about anything the person making it is eager to try out. BBQ sauce adds a really different dimension to a burger.

Hot Sauce

Hot sauce brings real life to our burger party! We favor tabasco but to each their own. Hot sauces are mostly made with some sort of chili pepper. Usually prized for the heat they bring to the party, which is measured in Scoville units. The flavors may be just as varied as their heat levels. Burger beware!



Burger FAQ

  • What Is In A Burger Patty?

    Traditionally, a burger patty is made of ground, or minced beef, beef fat, spices, oil, and salt. Many burgers use any beef trim from almost any part of a steer including shin, side, or skirt. Original Botak Jones uses only beef cut from the rump section. Rump and chuck are both very good for minced beef patties as both cuts have very little vein, tendon, or gristle. Both cuts are generally more tender than other cuts for the price.

  • Which Beef Makes A Good Burger?

    Glad you asked! Steers vary in breed and also in grades. Burgers used to be made with only the cheapest beef available. The better the grade, the more flavorful the beef. Beef can be graded from Prime all the way down to Cutter and Canner. In America, only the top three grades generally known to consumers, Prime, Choice, and Select. There are also grading systems from Australia, New Zeeland, and Japan. Mostly based on the MS, Marbling Score but there are other grades by letter and number, which may be just as tender but not as much marbling. While breeds such as Wagyu may be popular due to marketing, it might not be the ideal beef for a burger.

  • What Are The Good Ways To Cook A Burger?

    Many swear by grilling, either on a flat grill, (hotplate) or an open grill over flame or an electric heat source. Some enjoy the flavor that charcoal gives to beef and grill over charcoal. You can also pan fry a burger patty in oil or bake them in an over. At Original Botak Jones we grill over lava rock. The rock disburses the heat coming from below and the natural juices drip onto the hot rock further enhancing the flavor of the patty.

  • Where Can I Grill My Own Burger?

    Unless you have a ventilated hood over your stove or kitchen grill, you may want to set up a grill outside. The smoke and fumes from the fat in the patty make a greasy smoke that must be cleaned.

  • What’s The Best Way To Check If A Burger Is Cooked?

    A burger patty can be checked with a thermometer to see if the center is rare, medium, or well done. The quick way to check is to press down using the heel of the spatula (burger turner). If the patty mushes down, it is too rare. A burger cooked to medium will spring up after pushing down. A well-done burger will have less spring but still retain some juiciness. If you push and the patty is hard, all the juice has been cooked out and will probably be dry. Periodically test as you cook so you don’t overcook.

  • What Are Common Mistakes When Making A Burger?

    Overcooking or undercooking are obvious pitfalls. Using minced beef that doesn’t have enough fat will cause the burger patty to come out dry or at least with very little juice. Using beef with too much fat will have a patty that may fall apart or come out too oily and greasy. Seasoning the burger after putting on the grill will leave bland tasting beef in the center.