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The late John Pennett, a very funny, very overweight stand-up comedian used to joke in his act, “Salad isn’t food! Salad is what comes with food! Salad is the promise that food is going to come!” Well, that has been the prevailing thought in the West about salads until just the last 10-15 years or so.

Salads are healthy, mostly! Salads are good for you, mostly! At ORIGINAL Botak Jones® we like salads. While some think of salads as a boring alternative to a filling meal, we beg to differ. All our salads are fresh and like our other items, they are only plated to order!

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Why you need to eat your salad, aside from your mother told you to

Your body, our bodies, everyone’s bodies are complex organisms, yes, they are! Salads are an easy and tasty way to keep us functioning. Not only do salads provide nutrients necessary to our wellbeing such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, beta-carotene, much needed fiber, and a whole bunch of stuff that’s hard to spell! EAT YOUR SALAD!

Just consider all the great stuff that goes into your body from salad:

  • From lettuce – Vitamins A and C as well as potassium and the fiber, can’t not have the fiber!
  • From tomato – a great source of Vitamins A and C and who can deny that tomato adds a zing to any recipe that it is included in, especially salad. Quiet down you deniers.
  • Cucumber – super low in calories, cucumbers are packed with vitamins, even vitamin K, okay? Magnesium, potassium, manganese, and vitamin A are all in there. You may not know what all these things do for you intellectually, but your body does!
  • Feta cheese – gives your body some protein, iron, vitamin B6, Calcium, vitamin D and even cobalamin! You didn’t even know you needed cobalamin did ya? Well, you don’t need too much but it’s good for the nerves, red blood cell production, tissues, and energy! I mean, just what more could you want?
  • From croutons – carbs that fuel your body and that crunchy texture that adds delight to any salad! Delight is good!
  • Egg – a great source of iron, vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium vitamin D and there’s that cobalamin again!
  • Chicken – lots of protein, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and even zinc. So, you could say this salad has everything including the kitchen zinc! (that’s a joke you deniers)
  • Fish – protein, Omega-3, DHA, and iron! Salads are not just for dieting anymore!

Salads through time

Well, this might be a little debatable as humans have eaten vegetables and grains for thousands of years, which may be considered “salad”. There are references to the Romans, Greeks, Indians, and others eating vegetables with some condiments or dressing. Salads were also on the menu in the Middle Ages. Salads as greens are documented in the New World when the ingredients for salads were considered for trade between colonies and people.

Just how people and authorities knew that salads were important to the wellbeing of people, isn’t really clear. However, salads were made a part of the daily consumables even before modern science was able to determine the positive aspects salads.

How you may enjoy your salad

ORIGINAL Botak Jones® tries to offer a variety of salads depending on how you feel any day. Our How’s Salad? has iceberg lettuce, tomato, carrot, onion, cucumber and also feta cheese for a nice contrast in flavor. With either Thousand Island or our lemon oil dressing, there’s little reason not to enjoy a salad today at ORIGINAL Botak Jones®!

Hankering for salad but need something that will stick with you for a while, then our Egg Salad or Tuna Salad are made just for you! Literally!

Caesar Salad? Seems to be the most popular salad in the market outside of arugula. We just don’t get arugula, yet. But our Caesar, what a special salad it is indeed! Fresh crunchy romaine lettuce, some tomato, handmade seasoned croutons finished with real grated parmesan cheese and our own Caesar dressing, this salad is awesome while giving you the nutrients and roughage your body pleads for. Add a sliced Cajun Chicken breast or sliced fish fillet and a salad becomes a meal. We won’t even mention the size of our Caesar salad, truly awesome!

Whether a snack, a side, or a whole meal ORIGINAL BOTAK Jones® salads will make your day!


  • Can salad ruin my appetite if I have it for a snack?

    While salads can feed a hunger and might be a perfect snack, the ingredients in a vegetable salad will not stay heavy in your stomach and could even help you to temper your intake of other, not so healthy, food later.

  • Is there protein in a salad

    While vegetables are rich in nutrients, protein isn’t really one of them, however, a salad including chicken or fish would be high in protein and all the nutrients a salad supplies. Eggs also are a source heavy in protein for your salad!

  • What can I pair my salad with?

    Salads can go with virtually anything! Well, maybe they are not great with ice cream, but almost anything else!

    Pairing salad with soup is a great way to have a filling nutritional meal while holding down the calorie intake!

    Having a salad with or before a high protein main dish like steak, Cajun chicken, salmon or Fish and Chips, substituting the chips with salad!

  • Are salads only worthwhile if I’m dieting?

    Au contrere, mon frere (a quick stab at French)! While having salad alone is a great low-calorie way to refrain taking in too many calories, salads can also be adorned, good word, adorn, eh? Oh yeah, adorned with other foods like chicken, fish, even beef to make the salad a meal with enough nutrients, protein, and calories to keep you going throughout your day.

  • What are other benefits of eating salads?

    Salads are great if you are watching your weight, as written already, sorry, but also great if you have certain food allergies as you can pick and choose what goes into your salad! Salads are typically gluten free, so if your doctor has advised against gluten rich food, salad is an excellent choice!

    Salads fill you up in a way that helps to temper your appetite for the next meal as the fiber takes a while to digest in your system. Fiber also helps you stay regular by cleaning your digestive tract as it goes through it!

  • Does ORIGINAL BOTAK Jones® have nuts in its salads?

    Nut allergies are becoming more and more common in the general population. Even though it isn’t the main reason, we do not have nuts in our salads. However, nuts are something that we may consider adding in the future.

  • Why doesORIGINAL BOTAK Jones® only offer two salad dressings?

    By trying to satisfy the dictates of the Muslim community, we need to ensure that what we serve complies. We are working on new and other dressings that we can serve with a peace of mind. Saying this, we try to ensure that there are recognizably strong flavors in what we make. We’ll do better!